About Us

Cycolinks is a designer, manufacturer and creator of the world’s best bike chain jewellery and accessories. We are a UK based company with our main office in UK, Thailand and our factory is located in China, we are working towards stocking in facilities in the UK and USA. 

It all started from our passion of riding bikes when young and making our own chain bracelets from old chain links. One day we decided to try and see if we could create fashionable jewellery from this idea of recycling old bicycle chains into bracelets. — We had little understanding of the the jewellery industry but our creative passion to design our range of bike chain jewellery was there, creating the ultimate fashion accessories for any bike enthusiast at low prices.

Initially, our idea was to make just the bracelets but as soon as we saw the results from our sales from our original classic bracelet, we then decided to progress into other bike chain accessories, which is when we created our best seller - the Cycolinks women's quartz watch.

Each item is unique and all of our items are handmade-to-order for you! Even though the processing times are somewhat longer, this method ensures that you will always get a unique and top-quality jewellery straight from the manufacturer at a better price. Our jewellery is exquisitely designed and durablewhat’s moreit is also affordable. How is that possible? We simply cut out the middlemen and ship directly from our factory to you.

Since the start of our first bracelet, we haven't looked back. We have already served over 14,000+ happy customers, and together they've left over 500 five star reviews of our products and counting. Every day, we receive more emails we are grateful for from satisfied customers all over the world. Now, our team has grown to over 8 full-time employees and we strive for outstanding customer service and product quality.

Our primary goal is to make sure you always leave our site with a smile. We test and review every single product that we carry in our store, and if we, ourselves, would not own it, we would not sell it. Our team members are also glad to help if you have any questions, want sizing tips, or just want to say drop a message. We are always looking forward to bringing you jewellery that will make you shine as bright as your smile. 

Contact us: info@cycolinks.com 

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